About Us

faith-acres-final-logo-300x300.jpgFaith Acres Foundation looks out for the needs of people, we also help you help others in need in McHenry, Lake, Cook counties and beyond. We operate and assist Sharing Center Pantries in McHenry and Lake County.  At these locations, we provide free food and/or clothing, household items to individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Faith Acres Sharing Centers provides welcoming and caring atmospheres for all, with the knowledge that asking for help is difficult for most people. We offer love, encouragement, and hope to ALL people regardless of race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Faith Acres does not want to recreate the food pantry system. We recognize that our communities already have wonderful organizations that have quality programs of their own. We offer referrals to these organizations, in the hope that the people we serve are able to get the support and help they need to restore and rebuild their lives, and hopefully grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ.

If we work together to help individuals and families that have fallen on hard times, we will see a much quicker recovery process. The people who come to Faith Acres Foundation for assistance all have incredible gifts and talents. We work to help them realize that even in times of need, they possess something to share that can help others who are in the same situations. We encourage sharing, individuals don't have to share to receive, but are invited in to share their time, talents and resources. Our goal is not to make people the project, but to make them part of the family!  

Faith Acres Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit foundation; its projects are funded by generous givers. Please consider partnering with us.