Connect with the Faith Acres Sharing Center Family

Everyone "needs care and connection" in different ways. Depending on your life needs, personality, and circumstances – we each have different care/connection needs. We get it, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but there is always a next step towards getting the right care and connection to help an individual flourish to become all they can be. 

Sharing Center Guest: If you're in need of assistance with food/clothing. Contact us at 815-669-0188 or here online so we can get you set up with a Sharing Center closest to your community. 
Faith Acres Volunteer: Your interested in helping others with your time. Complete our volunteer form online, so we can see where your time and skills can be utilized efficiently to help. 
Faith Acres Donor: Your interested in sharing your resources with us to make a LARGER IMPACT here locally, and even globally. Visit our giving page! 

We would count it not only a blessing but a true honor to help you connect with Faith Acres Foundation at any of these areas.